The Story of Me

byCarol Boynton

Young students love to tell the stories of their lives. So many of their experiences are events happening to them or around them for the first time, making each memorable and, frankly, formative. As adults, we still carry such intensely meaningful events as memories formed by the powerful impact they had on our senses and feelings.

Useful in first through fourth grades, this six-to eight-week unit is designed for second graders to learn that biographies, the lives of people, are written expressions of memories and stories. The memories and stories in this case will be their own. The students will be introduced to the series of autobiographical stories of two children's authors, Patricia Polacco and Tomie dePaola. These mentor texts will set the foundation for the students to write, illustrate and publish their autobiography of small moments published in a series of bound picture books. Their inspiration and information will come from personal photographs from home and school as well as from their own drawings and art work.

(Developed for Writing, grade 2; recommended for Writing, grades 1-4)

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