Memoir: Magical Moments in Young Children's Lives

byCamille Pires

Third grade children will explore the genre of memoir while learning targeted skills and strategies to help develop their writing. Youngsters will be expected to take memories and experiences, bring these stories to life with descriptive elements while finding the deeper message or magical moment each of these experiences represent. The format for this instruction includes a mini lesson, followed by an uninterrupted 40 minute writer's workshop at least three times per week. The unit is approximately 10 weeks long. Children are expected to work independently on all stages of the writing process including topic selection, outline, rough draft, and published stories while learning how to peer conference and work with the teacher one-on-one. The goal is that all children will develop richer more thoughtful prose and the three end products include an illustrated, hardbound book, a graphic novel and confessional letter to a family member or friend.

(Developed for Language Arts/Writing, grade 3; recommended for Language Arts/Writing, grades 2-5)

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