Farming, Food and a Balanced Navajo Lifestyle

byLeTanya K. James

This unit will assist Kindergarten and First Grade educators in teaching students about the importance of farming, food and a balanced Navajo lifestyle. This unit will be taught in a three part timeline: a) Navajos and Farming b) Fruits, Vegetables and Our Body and c) Navajos, Diabetes and Exercise. The unit will incorporate a variety of fiction and non-fiction literature in the introduction and activities. The nonfiction book, “Farms Feed the World” by Lee Henry Sullivan will serve as a basis and reference for the entire unit. The students will begin by learning about the importance of farming and how food, specifically fruits and vegetables are farmed. After this, they will gain a wealth of information about specific fruits and vegetables and how each of those foods will have an effect on our body. We will be reading Finally, to end the unit the students will realize that in order to stay healthy, they need to eat healthy foods and exercise on a daily basis. In the early years of academics, equally integrating and exposing the power of fiction and non-fiction literature into every unit will enhance the learning of our young scholars.

(Developed for English Language Arts and Science, grade K; recommended for English Language Arts and Science, grade 1)

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