Defining Culture through the Lens of Literature and Text in Kindergarten

byJoseph Parrett

This is a kindergarten unit that addresses Common Core State Standards in language arts. It also addresses the area of social studies. The purpose of this unit is to help students define the concept of culture through the use of children’s literature and expository text. Students will be exploring the Chinese and Mexican cultures. A part of this activity is comparing and contrasting the Chinese, Mexican, and even American cultures. The class will read paired texts seeking the “ingredients” that make up the “recipe” of culture. “Ingredients” such as food, clothing, customs, and holidays are included. Students will be using kindergarten reading skills that relate to actively participating, asking and answering questions, and writing. Additionally, the class will be learning to make connections between different communities and the activities that occur in those communities. Throughout the unit students will be sharpening their listening skills, their ability to sort ideas and objects into categories, and their ability to write informatively or tell a story. This process can be modified to other elementary grades.

(Developed for Language Art and Social Studies, grade K; recommended for Language Arts and Social Studies, grade 1)

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