Ripple Effect: How Major Events Effect Everyone

byRay Ott

This teaching unit examines specific historical moments in Aviation History that were chosen for their potential to relate to your own teaching community and understanding of aviation. It is designed for a High School class but certainly can be taught in a middle school environment. Technological advancements are a core part of the lesson however the intent is to weave how big historical events can have an impact on society and communities. Although aviation history is the medium here, hopefully the chance to explore, examine and learn about the community your specific classroom resides in will prevail. The lesson was designed at POLYTECH High School which resides in the middle of Delaware just outside Dover Air Force Base. Therefore, many of the events chosen were selected for their potential to relate to students of Delaware. However, much of the classroom activities are more global in nature.  For example, the contested history of the Enola Gay is explored and the ripple effects of 911 are examined. The unit also reveals how today’s awesome power of aviation must be respected and acknowledged. Just as aviation has quickly changed warfare, it has had similar effects on society and community.

(Developed for History/Aviation, grade 12; recommended for History, grades 9-12)

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