It Ain't Easy Being Green

byPatricia Moncrief

“It Ain’t Easy Being Green” is a unit focused on Carbon Footprints. This unit is designed for 8th Grade Physical Science Students. Teaching Physical Science concepts can be challenging.  If you are asked to teach environmental concepts, and at the same time want to stay frustration free, then this unit should put you at ease.

“Carbon Footprints” highlights the need for students to be socially responsible and reside successfully in a global community. Students will be given background information on greenhouse gases- tracing their dramatic increase since the Industrial Revolution, and will learn about fossil fuels- as to why renewable energies need to be developed and consumed.

Students will be participating in web-based interactive programs creating and measuring their respective carbon footprints. Throughout this unit students will be responsible for finding, and generating ongoing methods to reduce their “footprints”.  It also allows the students to see how extremely important it is for them to be cognizant about diminishing their fossil fuel consumption, and replacing them with renewable energy resources.

The objective is to have them establish a new awareness that “footprints” need to be reduced.  Controlling carbon footprints will last a lifetime…

(Developed for Physical Science, grade 8; recommended for Earth Sciences, grade 7)

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