Salt and Health — It's not fair!

byShirley Paulson

This unit is a two-week lesson, designed for middle school students grades 5-8 with activities aligned with the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards – Science.  The unit is built around strong content knowledge with integration of Physical Science and Health Education.  The focus of this science unit is on salt usage and nutrition. An inquiry-based learning technique will guide most experiments and hands-on activities. In addition, the unit will also incorporate standards and connect to strong Diné cultural influence to study salt from a historical viewpoint, production, current usage and health benefits and risks. The birth of frybread is linked to Diné history’s painful experience; yet it has become a featured identity and continues to be a deep pride in Native American culture and many traditions. Frybread, a Diné recipe, makes a great addition to savory meals which is easy to make, is delicious and satisfies an appetite. Changing the recipe to a lighter texture and making smaller portions is a healthier version.

(Developed for Integrated Science, Health, and Diné Culture, grade 5; recommended for Integrated Science, Health, and Diné Culture, grade 5)

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