Stories Told through Literature, Film and How It Applies to Our Society

byElizabeth Isaac

This curriculum unit focuses on uncovering the life of a historical figure through film adaptation from a literary text. Students will become familiar with film adaptation vocabulary words and understand the meaning of the words in order to analyze the materials. A film as well as a literary text will be studied and analyzed in this unit. This unit will develop a better understanding of who Pocahontas is and how she is considered of importance in our history.  The lesson will take the students through the use of graphic organizers, cooperative learning, and use of visual aids as well as technology to gather information.  Once the information is gathered, students will be comparing and contrasting information to get an idea about how to find and sift out information about a historical figure. Students will become aware of all the sides of a story and be able to come to his and her own conclusion about a person. This will raise awareness and allow students to discuss and be familiar with their history. Finally, this unit allows students to use relevant cultural materials for Native American students. It is important for students to learn about the history of Americans, especially those that they can relate to.  When using the tools and strategies learned from this unit, students are well equipped to further study other historical figures.

(Developed for Reading (ELA) and Social Studies, grade 3; recommended for Reading (ELA) and Social Studies, grades K-12)

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