The Voice in You- A Form of Expression through Writing

byElizabeth Isaac

Creating an exceptional essay or writing from the point of view of the author can be difficult.  Every writer writing a personal narrative should be able to be heard through their writing. This unit is intended to make any writer’s voice be heard through his or her writing.  The reader will feel connected with the writer’s expression. This is a journey through a writer’s workshop to create a personal narrative piece that will leave any reader astounded and amazed as if one had been the one to experience the writer’s story. The unit is intended to make one enjoy writing and understand how to become an effective and creative writer. Activities will involve teachers to share literary and non-fictional texts in support of vocabulary development and to produce exceptional writers in creating extraordinary essays. The activities and strategies are effective and provide a backbone that builds a strong foundation of great writers. Students will be involved in analyzing a text through group discussions about the personal experiences and issues, read fiction and nonfiction stories as well as essays from well-known authors and finally produce writing as true writers.

(Developed for Reading, Writing, and English/Grammar, grade 3; recommended for Reading, Writing, and English/Grammar, grades 3-4)

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