Current Refugee and Immigrant Policy in the United States: How Do They Impact Your Community?

byLynn Gallo

This unit is designed for middle school students, but could be modified for high school students. Students will read the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz, along with excerpts of other books, and look at the laws that have influenced today’s immigrant and refugee policies in the United States. Students will write an informational essay or project about an aspect of today’s legislation on immigrants or refugees, such as DACA or Presidential Proclamation 9645 (commonly known as the Travel Ban). The goal of this unit is for students to learn more about the communities they are part of, and begin to think about their larger roles in the world, their rights, and the legislation that directly impacts them. Learning objectives include SL.7.1.A, WHST.6-8.7, and WIDA’s English Language Development standards.

(Developed for ELA, grade 7; recommended for ELA, grades 8-9)

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