Biodiversity Beyond the Four Walls

byJennifer Frasher

This unit will help students become actively engaged in understanding scientific processes and problem-solving, through connected activities in their local environment. The overarching theme will be recognizing, understanding, and supporting biodiversity, while learning impacts of native and non-native species. Students will examine local phenomena and utilize science and engineering practices to deepen their understanding. They will develop a common vocabulary for biota and ecosystems, then analyze and evaluate choices within those environments. It is a flexible unit that can be valuable to urban settings, as well as suburban and rural. The unit also supports outdoor classroom usage and utilization of other school outdoor spaces. Exploring phenomena in the environment surrounding school and students’ neighborhoods will help teachers and students become active caretakers by supporting environment-to-self, environment-to-environment, and environment-to-world connections. Virtual lesson adaptations have been included for each activity.

(Developed for Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies, grade 2; recommended for Science, all grades)

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