Cultivating a Growth Mindset through Film Studies

byStephany Jimenez

The objective of this unit is to implement what students already tend to gravitate towards for enjoyment, music videos, and use it as tool for developing a creative mindset and critical thinking skills. Music videos will be my 8th grade students’ first introduction to film studies. since music and short videos stand as great influence in their lives. Through the application of  Mise-en-scène analysis, students will discover the intentions behind a director’s use of elements for aesthetics as well as to interest the audience. Together, we will explore a number of music videos to recognize and interpret the moods and tones created in the staging aspect of these audiovisuals. Students will also have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a creative task, and experience the making of this form of art as well as the critical thinking mindset that comes with it.

(Developed for Visual Arts, grade 8; recommended for Visual Arts and Media Studies, Junior High and High School grades)

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