Using Out of This World Knowledge to Build Literacy Skills! Space Writer on Board!

byElizabeth Isaac

The Universe is a vast space many many of galaxies consisting of billions of stars, comets, asteroids, planets, and exoplanets. Some are not visible even through a gigantic telescope or satellite. Within our Galaxy, the Milky Way, our solar system lies in the outer regions. We are just a speck of dirt. So then, are we alone? We can only ponder on what is out there. Our imagination will fill with images of creatures, aliens, and a technological advance world of the unknown.

This unit focuses on students exploring the earth and beyond our solar system. It is developed for third-grade students, but can be modified for any grade level.  This unit targets students who reside on the Navajo Reservation, where they hear stories of the Universe connected to their culture. The lessons involve reading and writing activities based on science fiction. Students will participate in viewing videos or images of the universe and our galaxy. Objectives are aligned to the 3rd grade Arizona State Standards for Science, ELA, and Writing. Topics include the solar system, the universe, earth, life, exoplanets, terrestrial, character traits, science fiction, and the Native American perspective on the Universe particularly, the Navajo tribe.

(Developed for ELA, Writing, and Science, grade 3; recommended for ELA, Writing, and Science, grades 2-8)

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