Self-Identity through Nature and Magic

byRicardo Moreno

Our seminar titled, “Writing about Nature” led by Jill Campbell, introduced me to something I took for granted: the nature of the urban setting and how this setting can aid in the world of self-discovery. Can nature be the guide which points me in the right direction towards self-discovery?

The first section of three from the unit will concern the magic and mythology of the unit. It also gives us the opportunity to begin laying down a foundational aspect as to how we can find this idea of self-identity.

The second and middle of the unit’s three sections will be on immigration. I sought to compare and contrast the mythology and magic of indigenous gods to an issue which I found to be grounded in reality, which represented a realistic perspective of the Latin American experience in America: immigration. The journey of immigration is not only a physical journey but one in which the spirit and dreams of the people are represented.

The third and final section of the unit’s three sections is a convergence of the magic of the gods with the reality of a people traveling across landscapes in search of a better life.

(Developed for Reading and Writing, grade 8; recommended for Reading, grades 7 and 9)

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