Taste the Richness of Mexico

byPatricia Gordon

People of Spanish ancestry are fast becoming the largest ethnic group in the United States. It has therefore become important that we develop a means to teach our children more about this group of people. In order to understand the current culture of Spanish speaking people we must understand the history from which they came. I chose to focus on the people from Mexico, and the celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

This unit is a cooperative teaching tool for the Spanish teacher and costume teacher of Rogers Performing Arts School. He will focus on teaching the language while teaching the history. I will focus on teaching the culture and fashions both historically and current while learning the language. Our students will collaborate on hosting a cafe with others in the building and reach out beyond the school to the community as a whole.

(Developed for Spanish and Costume Design, grades 6-8; recommended for Spanish and Inter-Departmental Project, grades K-12, and Costume, grades 6-12)

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