Traveling the Solar System through Literature

byLori Paderewski

Third and fourth grade teachers will love this unit on Space, covering in depth, the Sun, Moon, and Earth system. Science and space exploration is constantly being improved and updated so we can get a better understanding of the areas, which are outside of Earth's realm. Just as space is huge, so is the number of concepts that need to be taught in order for students to gain a basic understanding of the topic. According to the Delaware State Science Coalition, there are two essential questions, which need to be addressed in order for the students to be able to build upon the grade four expectations. Those questions are: What predictable, observable patterns occur because of the interaction between the Earth, Moon and Sun? and How has technology expanded our knowledge of the Earth, Moon and Sun system? Both of these questions will be answered and expanded upon in this Unit. However, the Unit will also cover other basics of astronomy that will help us give a better foundation for when the students advance on to the upper grades. Therefore, the purpose for this Unit will be for students to learn about the relationships between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

(Developed for Elementary Science, grade 3; recommended for Elementary Science, grade 3)

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    Lori Paderewski (Brick Mill Elementary, Wilmington, DE)
    Subject taught: All, Grade: 3
    Source Additions
    The lesson plans written in this unit were adapted from the Pattern of Movement in the Sky Unit that was developed by a few teachers in the Appoquinimink School District.

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