Take Your Best Guess: Exploring 1, 10 and 100

bySarah Kiesler

This unit is intended for second grade students after they have had sufficient time to build a solid foundation in numeracy. It is designed to integrate the study of place value, measurement, order of magnitude and estimation. It intends to impress that there is a significant difference in the value of a digit when it is written in different places in decimal notation. Specifically, it seeks to show them that tens are a lot bigger than ones, and hundreds are a lot bigger than tens. It also seeks to further enforce the difference in the "places" using digits other than 1. For example, we'll explore the difference between 5, 50 and 500. These extensions will help solidify the idea that place value is a significant aspect of our numerical notation system. The activities are also built to integrate linear measurement and the study of perimeter. All of the experiences are constructed to give the students enough background knowledge to be able to estimate length with more accuracy.

(Developed for Mathematics, grade 2; recommended for Mathematics and Science, grade 2)

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