An Investigation into Learning Using the Regions of the Brain

byKathleen G. Gormley
If you teach it, they will learn. Teaching students about how their brains work is a direct way to enable them to take charge of their learning. When a student connects with the information in a personal way, an opportunity to open their eyes and minds to a new world is created.

This unit was developed for a third grade classroom and focuses on three topic areas. The first topic to be covered will investigate brain anatomy and functions. Students will participate in cooperative groups to complete research and develop a power point project about the regions of the brain and the responsibilities of these regions. The next topic will unravel how the brain receives messages as the students take memory quizzes and learn about how memories develop and help them learn. The final topic will make a connection between the regions of the brain and learning. Students will uncover their learning styles and discover ways to use this information to enhance their learning. Students will participate in literature circles and complete choice boards that will empower them to take charge of their learning and link this learning to their brains.

(Developed for Science, ELA, and Math, grade 3; recommended for Science and English Language Arts, grades 3-5)

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