Barack Obama: A Nonfiction Approach to Reading in the "Reel" World through Documentary, Political Images, and Speech

byStacia D. Parker

This curriculum unit can be used in English, United States History, and interdisciplinary African-American Literature classes. Students will read and respond to Barack Obama's biography and other nonfiction texts which include documentaries, photographs, and political speeches. Conducting interviews, recording oral histories, and writing biographical narratives comprise a significant portion of the activities to help students explore the lives of people that have overcome obstacles. Additionally, students are asked to examine their own lives and how they respond to challenges. Hopefully, students will discern that how they respond to challenges is a "pivotal moment" that can provide opportunity for great change in their journey to adulthood. Student biographies will be preserved in a digital story format posted to the school's Web site.

(Developed for English Literature, grade 10; recommended for English Composition, grades 10-12, and American History, grades 11-12)

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    Elie fabs Fabss (wisconsin school, wisconsin, VA)
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    Informative comments . I was enlightened by the facts - Does anyone know where my business could obtain a blank Scholastic Plot Diagram copy to work with ?

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