I Use Sanitizer; Why Do I Still Get Sick?

byVivienne Bartman-McClellan
This unit is designed for an elementary classroom. With this obsession with sanitizer I wonder why the children are still getting sick. Even the children are asking questions pertaining to why they have a cold or flu when they use the sanitizer all of the time. The burning question is: what other factors may influence the spread of germs? From a very young age we have all been taught to cover our mouths when we sneeze or cough, wash our hands before we eat and after we go to the bathroom and to clean up after making a mess. But, with all of the hygienic precautions we take why are we still getting sick? The students need to make an informed decision about how to stay healthy by doing their own investigations and experiments. They will need to get an understanding that there are many possible reasons that they get sick and that sometimes being overly sanitized can cause adverse conditions. This unit will help them make better healthy choices through hands-on scientific activities.

(Developed for Science and Health, grade 2; recommended for Science and Health, grades K-5)

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