Let Freedom Ring!

byCarol P. Boynton

We, as citizens, are exposed to a number of American symbols daily in our buildings, neighborhoods, and cities. Each of these American symbols has a story to tell.

Through a project-based approach, this unit helps students understand what patriotic symbols are and that our nation has many symbols and icons to represent thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical objects. Appropriate for kindergarten through second grade, this unit allows students to experience American objects throughout the year by connecting them, in a timely way, to their own lives. The sequence will mirror the activities at school and around the community and country: understanding the flag and pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the school year, being aware of celebratory parades in October for Columbus Day and November for Veterans Day, decoding coins and currency in February for Presidents' Day, and additionally, finding out about the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, monuments, memorials, Uncle Sam, even postage stamps. Through this year-long learning experience, questioning and inquiry are their guiding stars and stripes!

(Developed for Social Studies, grade 1; recommended for Social Studies, grades K-3)

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