Diabetes, the Silent Enemy

byJolene Smith

On the Dine Nation the enemy diabetes is rapidly increasing. Various communities within the nation are educating and teaching individuals and families who have had or will experience the disease. At one time, the Indian Health Service was the only facility to serve patients with the diagnosis. Currently there are other facilities, which provide more information about diabetes like the community fitness and recreation centers, the schools, the townships halls, and the chapter house.

Diabetes is a disease that prevents the cells from absorbing and using glucose (sugars). Insulin excreted from the pancreas has been exhausted and the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient quantities. This causes glucose to saturate around cells waiting for the insulin, which causes an individual to become extremely sick.

The unit will be for students in grades four to six. It will include an overview, introduction, rationale, strategies, content background on diabetes, Dine Philosophy of Education, and activities. The teacher will use this unit to make students aware of diabetes as a disease that can kill if it is not managed accordingly. The unit discusses the prevention, the traditional Dine' teachings (Dine' Philosophy of Education) and how diabetes affects individuals and families.

(Developed for Science/Health, grade 6; recommended for Science/Health, grades 4-6)

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