One Clover and A Bee: The Impacts of Bee Sustainability on Biodiversity in Allegheny County

byJesse Baker

Why should we preserve biodiversity?  Students will discuss the importance of maintaining ecosystems and will learn about the various arguments that people make in favor of preserving the Earth’s biodiversity.  Background information on bee physiology and behaviors as well as the various ways the reduction or complete extinction of bees will impact other species will be researched, presented and discussed.  We will investigate factors of their decline that include climate change, the use of pesticides, and mono-cropping1 which utilizes the practice of relocating nonnative bee species that leads to colony collapse disorder through the infestation of Varroa mites.  More importantly, conservation steps will be considered concerning Pennsylvania bees.  Unless the students can bring about awareness to spark a fit of revery, we are headed towards a future where you’ll yearn to taste real strawberries or have grocery aisles that are no longer stuffed with foods, colors, and shapes that we are currently taking for granted.2  

1 FAO of United, Nations. "Declining Bee Populations Pose Threat to Global Food Security and Nutrition." May 20, 2019. Accessed July 13, 2020

2 Warren, Mobi. The Bee Maker. Pennsauken: BookBaby, 2019.

(Developed for Geometry PSP, grade 10, and Geometry CAS, grade 9; recommended for Geometry, grades 9-10)

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    Mobi Warren (SAISD, San Antonio, TX)
    Subject taught: Mathematics, but now retired
    I just now came across this site and learned that my novel The Bee Maker was being used as part of the unit. I am honored and delighted,
    and just want you to know that I am available if teachers/students should ever care to contact me with any questions about
    the book and my own interest in bees. Thank you for sharing The Bee Maker. I\'m also delighted as my son, now an Environmental Attorney, got his Masters in Environmental Policy at Yale\'s FES school, so I am always interested in Yale Initiatives.

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