Family of Empathy

byShaasia Jackson

This unit is really special because I want to emphasize how you can be resilient and have empathy for others despite the hardships in life. This unit will be taught through readings. I have picked a book that deals with students from different backgrounds that my students can relate to. They will learn about being resilient and having empathy for others through reading Class Act by Jerry Craft. Resilience is multiplied exponentially by its most important factor empathy. Empathy encourages community. This community then provides an important support system for students to get through stressful situations. Which in turn helps build a family environment in the classroom, where my students can develop empathy for each other and are aware that when working together we can all make it through hardship. The pandemic is good example of how people from many different cultures had to come together in hard times and really work together. I want for all my students to feel supported and important. I want them to understand that having empathy can help them see that other people are important as well. I want them to learn that even though they go through hardships they can make it.

(Developed for ELA, grades 3-5; recommended for ELA, grades 3-5)

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