American Intersections: How Race, Class, and Gender Shape our History and Lives

byMatthew Menschner

This unit seeks to explore the intersection of social and political identities, and specifically how they have impacted--and have been impacted--throughout various periods in American history. The unit will incorporate a number of readings and case studies that exemplify each of the topics of study. Some of these topics include colonization and early American history, African slavery in North America, the Civil War, segregation and racial discrimination in the military, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil right movement, and more. It is no secret that there is much inequality across the country, and it can usually be traced back to some combination of the aforementioned periods in history, and the interconnectedness of people’s social and political identities. This curriculum unit will present an opportunity for students to not only understand the historical, societal, and political roots behind “the origins of our discontents,” but will better prepare them to navigate and overcome through community facing and equity based frameworks.

(Developed for African American History, grade 11; recommended for African American History and United States History, grades 9-12

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