Data and Graphical Analysis in Life Science

byLeslie M. L. Solomon

This unit on Graphical Analysis is designed to create strength and consistency in constructing explanations and evaluating arguments from graphical data.  Within this integrated unit, students will learn to analyze and interpret graphs, with the goal of communicating their overall all ideas and conclusions. Students will have the opportunity to utilize provided data, pull data from official websites, and generate their own data.  Students will have the ability to discuss their findings and peer evaluate others.  In addition, students will participate in a Design Thinking Process to generate solutions to present to the community. This unit of curriculum is not an independent unit.  It is important that students see that graphical analysis and visuals are not exclusive to one part of science.  Rather, data analysis and generating explanations are key to formulating the underlying knowledge and concepts within all of STEM.

(Developed for Life Science, grade 7; recommended for Life Science, grade 7, and Biology, grade 9)

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