Mimicking Nature to Create a Classroom Culture

byJoseph Parrett

This is a kindergarten Social Emotional Learning (SEL) unit connected to underlying science content related to living things and the concept of “One Health”. Animals engage in performing rituals, which allow them to survive in a complicated world, while also strengthening connections to family and community. In kindergarten we also perform rituals, though we call them routines. Classroom routines deliver similar benefits as the animal rituals. The unit will focus on developing communication skills and interpersonal connections. Another focal point will be to build an appreciation for what makes each student unique, as we explore the strength a group gains by being diverse. Open communication and interconnected classroom members will lead to a robust classroom culture, which in turn could offer benefits to the mental health of students and other classroom stakeholders. Delaware SEL standards and NGSS standards will be addressed during unit implementation. The unit should last two weeks, but can be revisited as needed to address issues with routines.

(Developed for SEL and Science, grade K; recommended for SEL and Science, grade 1)

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