Discovering Self through Poetry

byCarolyn D. Clark

"Discovering Self Through Poetry" is a three part investigative unit for grades seven and eight. The goal for this unit is to develop students' self-esteem as students master global and local poetry skills. This unit should be incorporated in the teacher's lesson plans during an entire school year. The lessons in this unit will incorporate grammar, creative and formal writing, as well as oral speaking. The poems in this unit are divided under three thematic headings:

  • Who Am I? Discovering who I am through my heritage
  • Who Am I? Discovering who I am as an individual with emotions
  • Who Am I? Discovering my potential to achieve

As a culminating activity for this unit, each student will present a portfolio containing creative and formal writings and art samples.

(Developed for Language Arts, grades 7-8; recommended for English and Language Arts, grade 7, and English and Language Arts, grade 8)

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