Culture Graphics -- An Experience with Native American Things for the Elementary Student

byStephanie L. Johnson

This unit that I have written on Native Americans has evolved into being a wonderful experience for me and will be for the kindergarten student. It can be used in other grade levels as well and adapted to any learning style. What you will find are different ways to teach using graphic organizers and art. There are several different skills reviewed in the unit, along with unique ways to teach them. A multi-curriculum approach has been used by taking skills from math, social studies, science and reading. The skills reflect several different subject areas and different concepts. They have been embedded throughout the unit to ensure that the students get to practice with previously learned standards and skills. Also, they will be exposed to different works of art. The works of art come from six different native nations. The six nations are Pomo, Seneca, Navajo, Cherokee, Nez Perce, Haida. A portfolio (journal) will be developed using drawing and writing activities about the work of art. A lending and loan program from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History will be used to bring actual works of art to the classroom. This will help with the drawing/ writing portion of the portfolio and will provide a basic motivation to study the nation. There is a strategy section with help for you and the student to get the maximum benefit from each nation in my unit. The geographical location is important because physical landform is discussed. The graphic organizers are simple and can be used to teach in different ways if you choose. The lessons that are included have works of arts that can be constructed. There are creative activities that can be adapted to suit your teaching style. I have also added suggestions on lessons on each nation. Take a look at this unit and enjoy the endless ideas for learning about another culture that has meaning to the early childhood student.

(Developed for Social Studies, grade K; recommended for Social Studies, Mathematics, Reading, and Art, grade K)

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