Space Illustrated: There and Back

byBarbara Natale

This unit "Space Illustrated: There and Back" will provide students in grade four with an exciting opportunity to explore the Solar System. During the lessons, students will come to the realization that Space and the technology of Space is an interesting subject, one that they may determine to be a future career. I have planned the lessons to embrace content material with several hands on activities. One, students will make a rocket ship and launch it into "Space". Students will shrink down the Planets with objects and make an imaginary Solar System on the school playground. Two, students will participate in an imaginary space trip, conduct an interview and publish a space magazine. This magazine, called "Space Illustrated" will include an interview with an astronaut and pictures. This magazine will be theirs to keep and enjoy. The class will share their magazine at Davis Street Interdistrict Magnet School's publishing party in May.

Any teacher, regular or special education, can utilize any or all of this unit, modified or used as it is written. These lessons allow teachers and students the opportunity to work together to better understand the mysteries of outer space. Fourth graders are at a very impressionable age, and maybe one of the lessons in this unit will inspire them to become an Astronaut and travel to a galaxy far, far away.

(Developed for Science, grade 4; recommended for Science, grade 4)

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