School Lunch, How Healthy Is It?

bySara Thomas

Due to income levels, television commercials, and lack of parental involvement many of my students are not even aware of what type of food they should be putting into their bodies. Add to that the confusion created by the media, fad diets, and ever-changing recommendations from experts (in the form of food pyramids) — how can anyone know what they should be putting in their body? Students will compare different dietary guide graphics to determine who creates the graphics and how you can determine whether or not they are reliable. Students will then choose a guide to follow and create healthy school meals from that dietary guide. Their final project will be to create a tri-fold brochure aimed at convincing the Board of Education to invest in food service programs that bring more fresh, healthy foods into the cafeteria. The tri-fold brochure will contain three parts: an eye-catching print ad comparing the nutrition they currently receive with what they should be receiving, a section showing options and benefits for bringing in fresh, locally grown produce, and a section containing a recipe for a school lunch and breakfast using fresh produce.

(Developed for Digital Art, grades 9-12; recommended for Digital Art, grades 9-12)

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