Learning Ecology through Endangered Species

byCindy Woolery
This unit is written to help students build an understanding of the effect that human population growth and human activities play in threatening the earth's habitat and capacity to sustain life. As students come to understand threatened and endangered animals and the causes behind why they are dying out, they will build an understanding of the interdependence of plants and animals and how humans change the often times delicate balance in ecosystems. In this unit students will go beyond basic knowledge to personal responsibility and action. I want to empower the students to become part of the solution to help save animals from extinction through doing something. It is not enough that students become acquainted with what happens when the environment becomes overpopulated and the use of resources increases. The goal is to have students see solutions and the part they can play in bringing about needed change! I want to raise student's awareness of how climate change affects all living things, ways that they can personally reduce global warming and become change agents for a healthier world!

(Developed for Elementary Science, grade 5; recommended for Elementary Science, grade 5)

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