Sounds So Sweet

byTorrieann M. Dooley

Poetry increases student capacity for being fluent and expressive readers who understand what they are reading. Poems will be used to create readers, writers, and thinkers who actively engage in what they read and demonstrate an understanding of it through a variety of approaches. Poems related to themes and standards across the curriculum will be used as tools for second-grade students to understand and learn what they are expected to know at their their grade level, as well as to enhance their character development. Giving elementary students an opportunity to become experts at poetry creates in them a life-long skill and love for reading, understanding, and reciting poems.

Students will read poems, annotate what they know and discuss what they don't know in order to understand the meaning of the poem. Students will learn metrical and rhyme schemes as well as other vocabulary associated with poetry, including the different forms of poetry. They will share and discuss strategies for understanding figurative language and will research background information in order to better understand and connect to what they are reading. Students will read a variety of poems and respond to them by writing poems of their own, using the poems they have read as models.

(Developed for Integrated across all elementary subjects especially Reading and Writing, grade 2; recommended for Language Arts, Reading and Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics Integrated, Elementary grades 2-5)

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