Under Pressure! - The Circulatory System and Hypertension

byVanessa Vitug

This unit is designed to enhance the traditional high school anatomy and physiology classes but can be adapted for middle school level health classes. The unit focuses on the circulatory system with an emphasis on hypertension. Engagement and inherent motivation to learn a subject is a constant struggle for my students. Thus, I have written a unit that focuses on them, their families, and the community. Because of my student population, the topic of high blood pressure and hypertension allows me to easily engage my students into discussion. Once interested and hooked on the effects of hypertension on the circulatory system, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills and scientific investigation skills to delve more deeply into a cardiovascular disease. Students, through the use of Web-based readings, writing, presentation skills, and discussions explore and make connections to the real world, making the classroom textbook come to life. In the process they participate in memory games, expert panel discussions, and a Gallery Walk which will showcase their expertise on a particular heart disease. With this culminating project students will not only have learned the fundamentals of the circulatory system, but will have become their own advocates for healthier living.

(Developed for Anatomy and Physiology/Science, High School grades 11-12; recommended for Anatomy and Physiology/Science, High School grades 11-12)

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