Mythology of the Inca and Maya

byJanelle Price

This unit is designed for high schools students in English or Language Arts classrooms. An exploration of Mesoamerican and South American ancestral literature is the unit's first goal. The second goal is to emphasize writing and this is accomplished through student journals, discussion prompts, entry and exit slips, and the unit's final assessment which calls for students to create their own myths. The unit includes a writer's template based upon Joseph Campbell's work in mythology and uses movies, classic and current, to delineate archetypes and themes.

(Developed for English IV, grade 12; recommended for English and Social Studies, grades 9-12)

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    Hayden O\'Rourke (Central High School, Philadelphia, PA)
    Subject taught: World Hsistory, Grade: 9
    Inca Children at Work and Play
    Dear Yale National Initiative,

    I wanted to thank you for creating a great lesson on having students use picture analysis skills and background knowledge of children for this activity. I really think the requirements and assessment anchors are well thought out and have a clear goal in the end. My only suggestion is if there is a way to make the images bigger?

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