The Truth about Lies: Recognizing Lies, Stereotypes, and Prejudice through Memoir Reading and Writing

byCheree Charmello

I am a liar.

And so are you.

If you're even a bit perturbed by that statement then I'm well on my way to helping to change the way you think.

We both know that lies hurt. We are also both aware that stereotyping is a form of lying, but we do it. As educators, we most likely impart that lack-of-reality on to our students. How do we stop? Employ socially responsible education, such as the contents of this unit. It makes use of the memoir genre in order to help students to bridge the ravine of imposed stereotypical notions that lead us all to live as liars.

(Developed for Creative Non-Fiction/Humanities, grades 7-8; recommended for Creative Non-Fiction/Humanities, grades 7-8)

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