Re-tweet This: Personal Branding through Social Media is the New Rhetoric of Persuasion

byChristina Cancelli

With a unit focused on persuasion at the English 11 level, it is essential that students form a depth of understanding with persuasive techniques and their application to academic forms, and this unit will focus on how the social media platforms which today's students are already actively engaging can serve as a new way to utilize and showcase the art of persuasion effectively. Time will be spent focused on understanding academic persuasive techniques, personal branding, and the nuances of each social media platform. Most importantly, however, the students should begin to cognitively and consciously create self-awareness with respect to where and how persuasion exists in their own lives, especially regarding their relationship with social media. Students will acknowledge that the concept of 'buying what one is selling' is age old, and that in understanding the classic academic foundations behind these motivations, one can best comprehend and orient how it functions in his or her world today. Ultimately, this unit will create a conscious young adult who understands the method and power of platform, audience, and personal branding with both academic and real world applications; thus, students will be able to use their knowledge of branding and persuasion to be more cognizant of their own digital footprint and savvy about what they choose to do with it.

(Developed for English, grade 11; recommended for English, grades 9-12, and Debate and Rhetoric, grades 11-12)

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